Lister D no. 86878 and Bruston generator at Scorton NY 09 - IMG 2777

Lister D no. 86878 and Generator unit

Lister Model D no. 86878 is a restored 2 hp Lister D type stationary engine and a Bruston dynamo, generating set of 1 kW capacity at 50 volt D.C. Owned and exhibited by Chris Sant of Harrogate, Yorkshire.


For company history, see Lister.
  • Built in 1928
  • Modified in 1929 by Listers
  • Sold in 1931 to Eric Thompson of Thirsk to light a shop.
  • Found in 1982 in an Allotment shed in Scotch Corner by Dennis Hornby of Brompton on Swale
  • Restored by Chris Sant of Harrogate Yorkshire with a reconstructed control pane from reclaimed bakalite switch gear.


This engine has been exhibited at events including;

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  • Info board exhibited with engine and show guide

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