Lister Junior no. 259249 at Klondyke Mill 09 - IMG 7268

A restored Lister Junior 3 hp engine with belt pulley for driving machinery

Lister junior no. 259249 at Klondyke Mill 09 - IMG 7267

Reverse side of the engine above

Lister Junior (original) at Newby 08 - P6080103

A very original engine driving a stationary saw bench

Lister Junior at Bakewell 08 - P8070400

A 1920 Lister Junior driving a small pump

The Lister Junior is a single cylinder engine with a hopper type of water cooling built by the R.A.Lister & Co.. of Dursley in Gloucestershire.

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  • 3 hp @ 600 rpm
  • Water cooled by a Hopper reservoir


These engines are popular with Stationary engine collectors and were built in large numbers till the electric motor took over after the 2nd World War for driving small machinery on farms and in factories.

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