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Perkins Engines (Tianjin) Limited (PETL)
Successor Tianjin Lovol Engines Co., Ltd.
Founded 1997
Headquarters Tianjin, China
Products engines
Parent Foton Lovol

Perkins Engines (Tianjin) Limited (PETL) was a joint venture of Perkins based in Tianjin, China formed in 1997. Perkins pulled the license in 2007, but Tianjin Perkins/Perkins (PETL) engines continued to be marketed. Perkins called for the liquidation of the joint venture in 2007 after discovering "irregularites".[1] Engines have been marketed as Perkins Lovol, Perkins (Tianjin), Perkins (PETL) and other such brands.[2] These engines were used in many Futian and Foton tractors.

PETL later changed its name to Tianjin Lovol Engines Co., Ltd. , known as Lovol Engines, and is a group company of Foton Lovol. They continue to build Perkins-based engines, many of which are used in Foton/Lovol tractors and combines.[3]


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