MAN Force Trucks
Successor MAN Trucks India
Founded 2008
Defunct 2011
Headquarters Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh, India
Industry heavy trucks
Parent Force Motors
MAN Force ad

MAN Force Trucks was formed in 2008 in Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh, India from a joint venture of Force Motors of India and MAN SE of Germany, with each company holding an equal 50% of the JV.[1] MAN Force has the ability to produce up to 24,000 trucks per year.[2]

The JV was dissolved as on March 2012 with Force Motors having sold and transferred its 50% of Man Force shares to MAN AG for Rs 10 per share.[3]


  • MAN Force CLA 16.180 -
  • MAN Force CLA 16.220 4X2 - 220 hp 4x2 dump truck
  • MAN Force CLA 25.180 -
  • MAN Force CLA 25.220 6X2 - 220 hp 6x2 chassis
  • MAN Force CLA 25.220 6X4 - 220 hp 6x4 dump truck
  • MAN Force CLA 25.280 6X4 - 280 hp 6x4 dump truck
  • MAN Force CLA 31.280 8X4 - 280 hp 8x4 dump truck
  • MAN Force CLA 40.220 4X2 - 220 hp 4x2 semi tractor
  • MAN Force CLA 40.280 4x2 - 280 hp 4x2 semi tractor
  • MAN Force CLA 49.280 6x4 - 280 hp 6x4 semi tractor


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