Marshall no. 38819 - TE - 191
Marshall 38819 November 2008
Engine Details
Manufacturer Marshall, Sons & Co.
Build date 1903
Serial no. 38819
Machine type Traction Engine
Weight Tons (kg) ?
Power nhp 6 nhp
No. of Cylinders 1
Cylinder type Slide valve
Linkage Type Stephensons
No. of Gears 2
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Marshall no. 38819 is a Traction engine built by Marshall, Sons & Co. of Gainsborough in 1903.

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Sent to Tasmania in 1903 to agents A G Webster it was owned by J Akin in the Devonport area of New Ground, in 1919 Glasgow Engineering fitted a complete new boiler.

Charles Radford of Moriarty owned the engine in 1928 then Mrs Lydia Parsons of Kirkstone owned it in October 1946 finally Wellard Bros of Upper Natone were the owners in 1954, they might have been scrap dealers.


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