A Massey Ferguson 230 the smallest of the MF 200 series tractors

The Massey Ferguson 200 Series was introduced in the 1970s to replace the Massey Ferguson 100 series. The range of models was increased over the 200 series lifetime till the mid 1980s. The range was updated versions of the 100 series with restyled tinwork and in the UK designed for safety cabs. The distinctive feature was the silver nose surround and black grill with integral lights.

Model rangeEdit

Model no. Power hp Engine PTO power Gear box
Photo Notes
MF 230 38 hp Perkins AD3.152 36 hp 8 speed MF230 Smallest UK 200 series model
MF240 45 hp Perkins AD3.152 43 8 speed or 12 speed Multi-power Image needed LHB

MF 250 47 hp Perkins A4.236 43 hp 8 speed or 12 speed Multi-power Image needed LHB

4-WD option
MF 265 60 hp Perkins A4.248 56 hp 8 speed or 12 speed Multi-power synchro Image needed LHB

4-WD option
MF 275 70 hp Perkins A4.248 67 hp  ? Image needed LHB

Built in Brazil
MF 290 75 hp Perkins A4.236 68 hp 8/12 speed or 12 speed Multi-power MF 290 4 WD option
Cabs by Lambourn, GKN Sankey, Duncan
MF 298 Image needed LHB

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