Massey Ferguson Model 31 Combine Harvester
Side LH Front View
1966 MF 31 r/h view
Model history
Model introduced Unknown
Model discontinued Unknown
Superseded by Unknown
Fuel type gas
Power hp Unknown
Transmission type Unknown
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Fuel type gas
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The Massey Ferguson Model 31 combine harvester was built in ?? by Massey Ferguson. <clear>

  • MF 31 Front LH View
  • MF 31 Rear LH view
  • MF 31 RH Side view
  • MF 31 Front RH view
  • MF 31 Sieves doubling up as gaurds when not in use.
  • MF 31 Front View
  • MF 31 Engine Perkins 4-107 Diesel

Model historyEdit

For brand history, see Massey Ferguson.


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