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Massey Ferguson Industrial was the general title given to a range of versions of tractors and other machinery for applications other than Agriculture uses. These models were built with a specification to suit the nich but sizable market for tractors for a diverse range of uses that was not agriculture or Construction. These machine were often fitted with road tyres, full lights & other modifications to allow for highway use. Most also did not have linkages.


Massey Ferguson 35X industrial at GDSF 08 - IMG 0639
A restored MF 35X Industrial
BulldozerD11Added by BulldozerD11
Massey Ferguon MF20 industrial tractor with snowplow at GDSF 08 - IMG 1080
An MF 20 fitted with Snowplough, shown at GDSF in 2008
BulldozerD11Added by BulldozerD11
Massey Ferguson 350H fitted with a Trima 1090 Loader (ex Notts CC)
Neil youngAdded by Neil young

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