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McCormick-Deering 10-20 1934
McCormick-Deering 10-20 from 1934 at Tulare, California antique tractor show in 2004
Model history
Model introduced 1923
Model discontinued 1939
Model status Discontinued Discontinued
No. produced 215,551
Preceded by International 8-16
Superseded by McCormick-Deering W-30
Engine Specification
Engine make International
Fuel type kerosene
Power hp 25 belt, 20 drawbar
Governed rpm 1025
Displacement cu in /(litre) 284 ci
No. of Cylinders 4
Bore in (mm) 4.25 in
Stroke in (mm) 5 in
Cooling system Water
Naturally aspirated, Turbo or Supercharged NA
Transmission Details
Transmission type sliding gear
Gearbox make International
Forward 3
Reverse 1
Drive 2-WD
Linkage Category Unknown
Tyre Sizes (std/options)
Front 7.50-16
Rear 11.25-24
Tractor Dimensions
Length (inches/metres) 123 in
Width (inches/meters) 60 in
Height (inches/meters) 62 in
Weight (nominal) lb/kg 3925 lb
Turning circle (nominal) inches/meters 30 ft
Wheelbase 78 in
Other info
Factories Tractor Works, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Plow rating 2
Nebraska Tests No. 142
Approximate Cost new in (year) $875 (1935)
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The McCormick-Deering 10-20 was built by International Harvester from 1923 to 1939 in the Chicago, Illinois, USA Tractor Works factory.

Model HistoryEdit

The 10-20 looked much like the McCormick-Deering 15-30 but was considerably smaller. With its 2-plow rating it replaced the International 8-16. The engine was a 284ci ohv 4-cylinder governed at 1,000 rpm, coupled to a 3-speed transmission. In 1928 the 10-20 was given slightly more power by increasing the governed rpm to 1,025.

The 1918 Fordson turned the tractor world upside down with its front-radiator automotive styling, unit construction, light weight, 251 ci 4-cylinder engine, 3-speed transmission, and mass-production methods to keep the price down. Also in 1918 International Harvester brought out the sloped-hood International 8-16, with the same size engine as the Fordson and a 3-speed transmission, but it was quite a bit heavier and with a higher initial price of $1,150. The International didn’t sell nearly as well as the Fordson despite price cuts to make it more competitive. International’s real Fordson-fighter, introduced in 1923, was the very modern (for the day) McCormick-Deering 10-20. It was priced at $785 and was an immediate success. The 10-20 stayed in production until 1939. Sales dropped off in the later years after the company brought out the newer McCormick-Deering W-30.


McCormick-Deering 10-20 (1923-1927)

  • Power: 25 belt, 16 drawbar hp
  • Weight: 3700 lb
  • Cylinders: 4
  • Displacement: 284 ci
  • RPM: 1000
  • Speeds: 3
  • Wheels:
    • Front: steel 30"x4.5"
    • Rear: steel 42"x12"
  • Plow Rating: 2

McCormick-Deering 10-20 (1928-1938)

  • Power: 25 belt, 20 drawbar hp
  • Weight: 3925 lb
  • Cylinders: 4
  • Displacement: 284 ci
  • RPM: 1025
  • Speeds: 3
  • Wheels:
    • Front: steel 30"x4.5" (6.00-16 or 6.50-16 rubber optional in 1934, 6.00-20 by 1939)
    • Rear: steel 42"x12" (11.25-24 rubber optional in 1934, 11.25-28 or 12.75-24 by 1939)
  • Plow Rating: 2

Serial Numbers Information Edit

Year Serial run[1] Number Built[2] Notes.
1923 KC501-7640 7117
1924 KC7641-18868 11197
1925 KC18869-37727 18436
1926 KC37728-62823 25021
1927 KC62824-89469 26646
1928 KC89470-119822 30353
1929 KC119823-159110 39433
1930 KC159111-191485 32375
1931 KC191486-203174 11689
1932 KC201013-204138 3126
1934 KC204239-206178 1940
1935 KC206179-207274 1096
1936 KC207275-210234 2960
1937 KC210235-212424 2190
1938 KC212425-214885 2461
1939 KC214886-215973 1188
Total built 215,551 Includes derivative models

Preserved tractorsEdit

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Serial No. Build-Date Engine-Type/Make Owner
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Photo Were seen/Featured in Other info
McCormick-Deering 10-20 BRO 751 an unknown  ?  ?  ? McCormick-deering 10-20 - BRO 751 at Belvoir 08 - P5180444 At Belvoir Castle Steam Festival 2008
10-20 SV 9444 KC69414  ?  ?  ? McCormick-Deering 10-20 sn KC69414 - (SV9444) at Newark 2012 - IMG 4256 At Newark Vintage Tractor and Heritage Show 2012 Restored example
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Gallery Edit

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  1. Wendel, C. H. 1981. 150 Years of International Harvester, Crestline Publishing Co., Sarasota, Florida. (serial numbers p.411)
  2. Baumheckel, Ralph and Borghoff, Kent, 1997.. International Harvester Farm Equipment Product History, 1831-1985, American Society of Agricultural Engineers, St. Joseph, Michigan. (production numbers pp.395-398)

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