0 Merton a50 palacing-1-

A Merton DB30 Overloader 1970s

0 Merton a60 palagomm 001-1-

A 1970s MERTON 130B 4WD Loader Diesel

0 Merton a60 palagomm 003-1-

A MERTON 130B 4X4 Loader Diesel of the 1970s

0 Merton a60 palagomm 005-1-

Rear view of the MERTON 130B 4WD Loader Diesel

Merton 120B 4WD loader

A 1960s MERTON 120B 4WD Loader Diesel

Merton db30

A 1960s MERTON Overloader Diesel being used on tests

Merton 120b loader

A 1970s MERTON TwoWay 454 4WD Diesel Loader loading a Bedford tipper


A 1980s MERTON 130B 4WD Diesel Loader loading an AEC dumptruck

0 Merton a60 palagomm 007-1-

A 1970s-1980s MERTON 130B 4WD Diesel Loader

0 merton-1-

The 1960s MERTON Overloader Fordson 4X4 model usen on tests

0 Merton 80A anni60-1-

The 1970s-1980s MERTON 80A 4WD Diesel Loader

0 Merton 100B anni70-1-

The 1960s-1970s MERTON 100B 4WD Diesel Loader

Merton Sand & Gravel Pits Limited
Predecessor Merton Engineering Company Limited
Founded 1921
Defunct 1968
Headquarters Feltham Middlesex, England
Industry agricultural machinery
Products construction equipment
Owner(s) Whitlock Brothers Limited

Merton Overloader base on the Fordson E1A Major tractor

The Merton Engineering Company  Limited who were based in Feltham Middlesex, England produced an original model range of machines that appear to have disappeared into history, along with many other British engineering firms. The MERTON company were originally designated and registered during 1921 as MERTON SAND AND GRAVEL PITS LIMITED but by the 1940s it was renamed MERTON ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITED.Later on the company was acquired by the Essex firm of Whitlock Brothers Limited who became the final owners of Merton.


The company started in 1921 as "Merton Sand and Gravel Pits Limited" as one of the Middlesex suppliers of farm equipment and builder/contractor suppliers but later the firm started manufacturing all sorts of agricultural implements of their own, and they were frequently mistaken by a similar looking Bray or a Ford earthmover model. In the 1960s MERTON actually bought an original BRAY 400-Series 4WD loader and studied how it was built and how it worked as an inspiring attempt to develop its own loader models that were available in Diesel and Petrol options. This was the kickstart plan for MERTON to produce a similar earthmover machine that became very useful for builders and farmers alike that could be driven and used just about anywhere it was needed as most Merton models had 4WD axles. This new loader was the beginning of a series of new MERTON offroad loader models available with a choice of wheeled or tracked different models that ran mostly on FORDSON DIESEL mechanicals thanks to the highly pratical and durable FORD TRACTOR SKID UNIT CHASSIS that formed their original range of new machinery models until the early 1980s.

MERTON ENGINEERING COMPANY LIMITED was taken over by Whitlock in 1968 for their wheeled loader range.[1] Few details are known about this take over, but WHITLOCK BROTHERS LIMITED of Great Yeldham in Essex started in a very similar way themselves also adopting the famous Ford Tractor Skid Unit Chassis and Whitlock kept the MERTON company active until the 1980s. Company registration number: 179230. Unfortunately due to serious competition in the market with slow sales and then market losses, MERTON closed its doors in 1985, however they were listed in the local Feltham phone book ( until June 1968) - Feltham 3045. Sometime in the 1940s it changed its name to "Merton Engineering Co. Limited" and then again sometime later to "North Feltham Engineering (Merton) Limited" before eventually closing its doors on 7th October 1985.

The company was based at North Feltham Trading Estate, Faggs Road, Feltham, Middlesex. MERTON were based next door to another similar but larger company called BRAY CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY LIMITED both firms worked from the same Industrial Estate. In the early 1980s their own neighbours BRAY considered acquiring MERTON hoping to resume their own production in 1985. However the old BRAY company were already strongly connected with the MATBRO who became successful partners in earthmoving manufacturing.

Product range


Merton 4wd 100B


Merton Frontloader 59

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