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Mogul may refer to:

The Mogul name has been used by several companies;


  • Magnate
    • Business magnate, a prominent person in a particular industry
    • Media mogul, a person who controls, either through personal ownership or a dominant position, any media enterprise


  • Mogul, name for the 2-6-0 steam locomotive wheel arrangement
    • Mogul, the name of the first locomotive of GER Class 527, and the first 2-6-0 to be built for use in Great Britain
    • LMS Hughes Crab or 'Horwich Mogul', a class of mixed traffic 2-6-0 steam locomotive built between 1926 and 1932
    • LMS Stanier Mogul, a class of 2-6-0 mixed traffic steam locomotive (built 1933-1934)


  • "Mogul skiing", a type of freestyle skiing where skiers try to pass different bumps or moguls
  • Project Mogul, a US military listening project using high altitude balloons
  • Federal-Mogul, an automotive parts supplier based in Southfield, Michigan, USA

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