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Founded 1958
Headquarters , Japan
Products agriculture machinery tractor

Morooka MK-160S tractor - carrington 2010 -IMG 5101
Morooka MK-160S tractor at the Carrington Steam Rally 2010
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Morooka MK-300 tractor at carrington 2010 - IMG 5102
A Morooka MK-300 tractor at Carrington Steam Rally 2010. This is fitted with a 6-cylinder Cummins Diesel engine
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Morooka is a Japanese manufacturer of machinery based on rubber tracked carriers.[1] They are best known in the UK for large tracked dumpers.

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Morooka tracked dumper - Hillhead 2012 - IMG 0924
Tracked dumper(s) on Cautracs stand at Hillhead 2012
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The tracked carriers fitted with specialist machinery in stead of the std dumper body are popular with utility contractors for accessing remote sites on pipelines and power transmission line work due to the low ground pressure. Other typical users are contractors working on waterways and wetland habitat projects

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