Massey Ferguson 130 - NUD 106F at Newark VS 08 - IMG 3427

NUD 106F stood outside the pavilion at Newark Vintage Show in 2008

NUD 106F is a Massey Ferguson 130, which was built in France.

Tractors historyEdit

  • Built in France
  • Owned by ? (late entry ?)
  • History unknown.


This tractor has been exhibited at events including;


Photo Caption / notes
Massey Ferguson 130 - NUD 106 at Newark VS 08 - IMG 3430 Front off-side view
Massey Ferguson 130 - NUD 106F at Newark VS 08 - IMG 3429 Rear view with Number plate linkage, Draw bar and PTO guard all in place. Note different axle shape to the 35 and 135 models

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Photos from 2008 Newark Vintage Tractor and Heritage Show.

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