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R.H. Neal & Co. were based in Grantham, Lincolnshire and were taken over by Coles Cranes in 1959. The Firm purchased premises in Dysart Road, Grantham in 1937 for the manufacture of cranes.

Company historyEdit

Neal site crane at VET

A typical Neal General Purpose hoist (awaiting restoration) in the Vintage Excavator Trust collection

The companies most famous product to most people was the Pelican Loader used in coal yards. But a common machine that was seen on street works & sewers before modern hydraulic excavators became common place for lifting was the portable crane.

The Neal name was used up till 1970 when all the Steels Cranes operations were re-named under the Coles Cranes brand.[1]

Model rangeEdit

Note:Dates are publication dates for Brochures on the machines.[2]


Very few Neal machines are seen on the preservation circuit in the UK. A number of machines still exist in yards of old machinery, but as these get sold for redevelopment a lot are fast disappearing, as cranes are not a common item to collect.

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  • Neal GM General Purpose crane ? cwt capacity - at the VET (photo above)
  • Neal Pelican loader - (an example was mentioned in a magazine, but the editor cannot remember the Issue ?).

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