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Northfield Dumptrucks were made 1961-1967 by a small mechanical engineering firm called NIF Northfield Industrial Fabricatio
Northfield F7 ADT Diesel

1967 Northfield F7 ADT Diesel

Northfield F9 ADT Diesel

A late 1960s Northfield F9 ADT Diesel

ns Ltd based in Ossett, West Yorkshire, England. During the 1960s and 1970s many UK specialist machinery builders and engineering firms developed, built and made many prototypes and roadworthy Articulated Dump Truck models all of them pioneering the new ADT layout a recent and latest concept of construction trucks that was found to offer improved traction over tractor and trailer or the conventional rigid dump truck for use on and off road usually seen in construction sites and roadbuilding. The new ADT Concept was a tremendous success because they could bend in the middle and every earthmover manufacturer built very similar machines often in 6WD form using TD and TDI modern running gear.

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Northfield Industrial Fabrications Ltd (NIF) was a shortlived ADT manufacturer founded at Osset near the J40 of the M1 in West Yorkshire in early 1961 to develop and produce the now very rare F-Series of fully articulating 4 wheeled dumptrucks. These F-Series were the ancestors and forerunners of today´s modern ADTs and the Northfield models were powered by standard tractor diesel engine mounted over the front axle with front wheel drive, had power steering, fitted with equal tractor tyres and a oneman enclosed drivers cab. Northfield were slowly to became one of the first builders of off-highway dumptrucks in England during the 1960s joining other longer established existing makes such as Aveling-Barford, DJB, Heathfield and Terex. It was the first two axled tractor-trailer haulier designed as a single purpose integrated unit with 180 Degree articulation activated by two pairs of hydraulic rams built on every Northfield F-Series, their trucks were usually powered by famed and durable Ford Diesel 6-cylinder or Perkins Diesel 4-cylinder engines. These were available in four different models called the F7, the F9, the F12 and the F14 however production ended in late 1966 with around only 120 dumptrucks built in total. Just like mobilecrane and crane manufacturers everywhere some firms fell down and closed while others found success and still trade today and the same case was happening for ADT manufacturers of a similar concept such as those made by Camill Muir Hill in England another very rare model.

Northfield Model RangeEdit

  • Northfield F7 - A 12 ton fully articulated dumptruck with Perkins P4D 4-cylinder engine and automatic 5 speed transmission.
  • Northfield F9 - A 14 ton ADT larger and longer than the F7 with Ford 3600 6-cylinder Diesel engine and Ford 6 speed manual gearbox.
  • Northfield F12- A 20 ton ADT with Ford 3600 Diesel 6-cylinder engine and a new tractor Ford 6 speed manual transmission.
  • Northfield F14 - A 25 ton prototype large ADT that had Ford 4WD Tractor axles and mechanicals with only 10 units built in 1965.

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