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Pel_Job was a French manufacturer of compact excavators (Mini), that was taken over by Volvo in 1995.


Model rangeEdit

Details of early models require.

Range from Volvo take over till replaced by Volvo badged models

Model no. Size introduced Discontinued Engine Photo misc info
Pel-Job Sirus plus  ? 2000 replaced by Volvo EC14
Pel-Job EB12.4 1,365-1,475 ton  ?  ? 15,5 hp
Pel-Job EB14.4  ?  ?
Pel-Job EB16.4  ?  ?
Pel-Job EB25.4  ?  ?
Pel-Job EB30.4  ?  ?
Pel-Job EB150  ?  ?
Pel-Job EB200  ?  ?
Pel-Job EB250  ?  ?
Pel-Job EB300  ?  ?
Pel-Job EB306  ?  ?
Pel-Job EB350  ?  ?
Pel-Job EB406  ?  ?
Pel-Job EB450  ?  ?
Pel-Job EB506  ?  ?
Pel-Job EB506P 5 ton  ? 2000 45 hp wheeled version of EB506
replaced by Volvo EW50
Pel-Job EB706  ?  ?
Pel-Job EB706P 7.2 ton  ? 2000 56 hp Wheeled version of EB706
replaced by Volvo EW70

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