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Potain Tower crane - Bristol 07 - DSCF0156
A small Potain tower crane on a commercial development in Bristol
BulldozerD11Added by BulldozerD11
Potain crane base at SED 07 - DSCF0001
Ballasted base of a small tower crane on display at SED
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Potain was a French-based company founded in La Clayette, France, in 1928 by Faustin Potain. The first crane was assembled in 1933.

Company historyEdit

Main article: manitowoc

The Potain brand is now owned by the Manitowoc group and used for their tower cranes division. They produce both top-slewing and self-erecting models.

Product rangeEdit

The Potain line of cranes includes three main types:

  • GMA: self-erecting cranes
  • GME: top-slewing cranes
  • MTC80 - top slew - remote operated
  • Special application cranes

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