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RIP tractors was a French version built under licence of the Rock Island Plow Company tractors from America from about 1919. The Rock Island tractors were based on a Heider design. The tractor was based on the Heider/Rock Island Model C.[1] Both companies used a 20 hp 7.0 litre 4-cylinder engine by Waukesha although the RIP was only rated a 10-18. The RIP still carried the Heider plow lift, but was slightly smaller, lighter and featured more styling. The company latter built a new model of their own design with a French built CLM engine. The last model was powered by a Mercedes-Benz engine in 1939. production ceased in World war II and never restarted.

The RIP company was originally M. Siegel & Hommey who were importers of American tractors, but incorporated under the RIP name ~1919 in part to manufacture the Heider clone to reduce costs due to Frances high import tarifs. Although an offshout of Rock Island Plow Company, and a major importer/selle rof their products, RIP still imported other American tractors and products.


A few exist in France in a restored state, with probably the still the odd example hidden in an old barn !

  • Do any exist in the UK ? (if you know of any please list here and upload a photo)

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References / sourcesEdit

  1. 150 years of JI Case, book page 44

External linksEdit

  • RockIslandPlow.Com devoted to the Rock Island Plow companies history and tractors as well as Heider, there is also a substantial section on the RIP company including ads and tractor photos.

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