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Thornycroft Antar - RSJ 597 at Holcot 08 - IMG 0291

RSJ 597 at Holcot Steam Rally 2008

RSJ 597 is a restored Thornycroft Antar owned by the Bailey family collection, part of a collection of classic and vintage Military vehicles. This truck was built in 1959 by Thornycroft as a prime mover for tank transporter semi-trailers.

Vehicle historyEdit

  • Built in 1959 by Thornycroft of Basingstoke.
  • In army service till 1989
  • Used at Manchester Airport for recovery and winching till 1996
  • Sold to Brian and Rob Bailey in 1996
  • Restored 2007 to 2008 By Rob Bailey and Jim Duffin
  • Used to haul a Vickers 155mm Howitzer to events and pull tank transporter trailer.

Features Edit

Events attendedEdit

Some of the events attended by this vehicle include;


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See alsoEdit

References / sourcesEdit

  • Photos from events listed
  • Info board displayed with the vehicle for history

External linksEdit

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