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International Tractors Limited
Founded 1995
Headquarters New Delhi, India
Industry agriculture machinery, engines
Products tractors, engines, combine harvesters
Parent Sonalika Group

Sonalika logo (2011)

Sonalika tractors

Sonalika International is a agricultural equipment, tractor, combine harvester and engine manufacturer based in New Delhi, India. Sonalika has manufactured and sold its products under the Sonalika, Sonalika International, Solis, Ceres and Renault Sonalika International.


Sonalika was founded in 1995 as International Tractors Limited, and is the flagship company of the Sonalika Group. They began manufacturing tractors designed by Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CMERI). Renault bought a 20% interest in the company in 2000,[1] and began producing licensed Renault tractors under the Renault Sonalika International in a new joint venture. In Renault Sonalika International, Renault owned 60%, and Sonalika the remaining 40%. Renault was purchased by Claas in 2003, and sold 20% of its stake in Sonalika in 2005. Yanmar purchased 12% of the company that same year.[2][3] According to the Sonalika website, they are manufacturing Claas tractors in the 70-90 hp range.[4]

Ceres and Solis tractors were built based on Renault Ceres tractors, and exported to places like Europe and Australia.[5][6]

Sonalika has exported tractors throughout the world, including to Algeria, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Dubai, Ecuador, Ethiopia, France, Ghana, Kuwait, Libya, Madagascar, Malaysia, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, South Africa, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Turkey, USA, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and other countries.[7]

In 2007, Sonalika announced interest in two smaller European tractor companies, looking to buy a majority interest, one being UTB Universal of Romania, and the other Forma, also of Romania.[8][9]

In 2009, co-branded Landini Solis tractors were launched in South Africa. In addition, an assembly plant was set up in Nigeria as a joint venture, and an agreement was signed for an assembly plant in Egypt.[10]

In 2011, Sonalika began a joint venture with Apache of Argentina to produce tractors there under the Apache Solis brand. The early ones will only be assembled, but the goal is to have 60% domestic parts.

In 2012, an agreement was made with Montana Agriculture of Brazil to market Solis tractors under the Montana Solis brand.

Related CompaniesEdit

International Cars & Motors Ltd is another company within the Sonalika Group which has a technical agreement with MG Rover, of the UK. It manufactures the Rhino Rx multi-purpose vehicle (MUV), (same as SUV elsewhere).

Sonalika Agro Industries Corporation manufactures various agricultural equipment and combine harvesters.

Engines are manufactured under the Sonalika and ITL brands.


Renault Sonalika International Tractor Models
Model Year(s) of Production Horsepower Engine Type Misc Notes Photo
Renault Sonalika International 60 60 hp (45 kW)

Solis logo

Sonalika Combine Harvester Models
Model Year(s) of Production Horsepower Engine Type Misc Notes Photo
Sonalika Self Propelled combine 105 hp (78 kW) Ashok Leyland Sonalika Self-Propelled combine-2007
Sonalika TDC-2000 combine Sonalika tractor tractor driven Sonalika TDC-2000 combine-2007

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