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Rite 707

Rite 707 tractor

Founder(s) Dave & John Curtis
Headquarters Montana, USA
Products tractor

The Rite by Curtis tractor brand was created by Dave & John Curtis of Montana, USA. The brothers were in the farm implememt business and started selling Wagner tractors in 1954. But the Wagner tractors were designed originally for Industrial applications, and various problems arose that the brothers fixed. One of there customers then asked for them to build a 425 hp (317 kW) tractor for him, so based on their experience with the Wagner's faults, they designed a new transmission layout to cope with field work.


The brothers contracted a local engineering company Great Falls Iron Works Co. to build the tractors, and they badged them as Madson for some reason. They were recalled and renamed and sprayed as the colour was not the same shade of yellow as used on earlier tractors.

By 2000, 35 Rite tractors had been built with a variety of engines from Cummins, Caterpillar and Detroit Diesel to suit each customers preference.

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As the tractors are custom built specs vary but several models evolved other the years.

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