Phimor Roa-rail Doosan excavator at SED 09 - IMG 8303

Doosan wheeled excavator road-rail conversion by Philmor with 2 piece boom and Geith bucket

Road-rail vehicles are specialist adoptions carried out on standard plant to allow it to travel on rails to get to job sites on the railway network.

Landrover fitted with Road rail conversion - PA040123

A Customised service support vehicle based on a Land Rover


The conversion usually consists of a set of steel rail wheels mounted on a sub frame front and rear that is raised and lowered by hydraulics. Drive to the wheels is by hydraulic motors on some machines and on others the trucks wheels drive by contact on the rail line.

Machine typesEdit

  • Excavators - 360 deg reduced tail swing models
  • Tractors - mainly used for line side maintenance in inaccessible places, e.g. Hedge trimmers
  • Trucks - Unimog being a common one used due to the 4-wd and load carrying capability and built in PTO for powering attachments.
  • [[Light commercials such as Land Rovers and Pick-up trucks for support vehicles for engineering and track staff

Converters / manufacturersEdit


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