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Rover or rovers may refer to:

Land travelEdit

Leyland companiesEdit

  • Rover Company (1885-1967), a British motorcycle and car manufacturing company, absorbed into Leyland Motor Corporation in 1967
  • Austin Rover Group (1982-1989), a mass-market car manufacturing subsidiary of Leyland
  • Land Rover Group (1981-1987), a light commercial vehicle division of Leyland
  • Freight Rover (1981-1986), a commercial van/truck manufacturing division of Leyland

Rover and MG companiesEdit

  • Rover Group (1986-2000), the new name given to Leyland in 1986 after the company divested its other divisions, later sold to BMW
  • MG Rover Group (2000-2005), a company formed in 2000 when BMW sold most of the Rover Group to the Phoenix Consortium

Other companiesEdit

Automobiles and locomotivesEdit

Other usesEdit

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