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Rushton logo -
Rushton logo
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Rushton tractor sn 0132 at Symmonds Yat - IMG 3743
Rushton Tractor sn 0132 at the Williams Sale - 2012
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Rushton was a British tractor brand, marketed by the Rushton Tractor Co. (1928) Ltd. founded by George Rushton the 1920's to build a British competitor to the Fordson. George Rushton had recruited a former Ford tractors manager Walter Hill, who latter went on to work for Bristol and Muir-Hill tractors. The tractor was built for him by the London General Omnibus Company's subsidiary AEC's commercial vehicle works, with the company starting building the tractors in 1928. The tractor was heavier and more powerful than the Fordson but also more expensive. George Rushton acquired the old AEC factory when they moved from London to Southall. The firm built only built a few as sales were poor and production ceased in 1932. The tractor was initially known as the General, but was latter sold as the Rushton. An industrial version with solid wheels was also built.

The companies poor sales caused a collapse and the firm was bought by Tractors (London) Ltd who built the Trusty tractor. The Rushton tractor was built in small numbers into the 1930's.

Under test at the "World Trials" in Oxford in 1930, both Fordson and the Rushton tractors were tested, but the Fordson failed to complete the tests due to a cracked block. The Rushton recorded 23.9 hp and the Fordson 20.8 hp. A petrol version was offered with Roadless halftracks fitted.

Model rangeEdit

Rushton Tractor - Scanpackard
Restored Rushton tractor
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  • "General" Tractor
  • Rushton Tractor
  • Rushton Roadless crawler tractor.


Very few of these can be seen on the vintage tractor rally circuit.

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