Ruston Hornsby no. 115123 plate - IMG 9403

The well polished serial number plate of 115123

Ruston and Hornsby no. 115123 roller Veronica reg XM 6374 at Woolpit 09 - IMG 1483

Veronica parked in the sun at Woolpit Steam rally 2009, with Living van in the background.

Ruston & Hornsby no.115123 is a Steam Roller built in 1921. The engine is named Veronica and carries the registration no. XM 6374.

Engine HistoryEdit

  • New in 1921 to Henry Woodham & Son, Catford London.
  • Sold into pteservation in 1965
  • Bought in 1972 by John Brice, of Norfolk, The Current owner.
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At some stage the engine has had an accident were the front Roller forks has been severely damaged and stiffener plate bolted on to repair the damaged front fork.

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