Scammell Contractor GDW 848E is a 100 ton rated Scammell Contractor that was first registered by Wynns in April 1967. The truck is now in the livery of Scotts who it worked for in its latter life.

Scammell Contractor GDW 848E of Scotts Heavy Haulage at Scammell Gathering 09 - IMG 9288

GDW 848E at the Scammell Gathering - Ackworth 2009

Scammell Contractor GDW 848E in Scotts livery (rear) at Scammell Gathering 09 - IMG 9287

A view of the ballast box and drawbar hitch.

Scammell Contractor GDW 848E of Scotts (rear) at Scammell Gathering 09 - IMG 9286

rear view showing HD hitch

History of this truck Edit

Originally new as part of the fleet upgrade of Welsh haulage firm Robert Wynn & Sons Ltd in 1967. The truck was one of 4 100 ton rated contractors built by Scammell to a Wynns specification at their Watford works, specially for heavy haulage use.

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