The Scammell Contractor reg no. KAX 395P named Renown, is a former Heavy Haulage tractor unit from the fleet of Wynns Heavy Haulage. The truck also operated in the fleets of Wrekin Roadways & Econofreight - all related firms by mergers.

This machine was one of a fleet of 25 Scammell Contractors bought between 1966 and 1980.

Scammell Contractor KAX 395P of 1976 - Renown - at Scammel Gathering 09 - IMG 9284

Scammell Contractor 'Renown' a 1976 240 ton heavy Haulage tractor, at the Scammell Gathering - Ackworth 2009

Scammell Contractor KAX 395P Renown Wynns (side) at Scammell gathering 09 - IMG 928

Side view of 'Renown' - KAX 395P at Scammell Gathering - Ackworth 2009

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