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The Seed drill is one of the most important innovations for farming after the plough and the Threshing machine. The seed drill allows the placing of the seed with less waste and at the optimum density, to achieve a good crop yield.

Massey-Harris seed drill front at Bath - DSC01680 edited
Massey-Harris seed drill at the Bath and Southwest Tractor show in 2009
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Massey-Harris seed drill - rear at Bath - DSC01678 edited
Drill from the rear showing the closly spaced disks and feed tubes
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Bamfords No10 Seed distributor
A Bamfords No.10 seed distributor (scatters seed on to ground)
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Pneumatic seeder - IMG 4666
A modern 6m wide pneumatic seed drill
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  • Versatile
  • Modern pnuematic drill
  • Massey Ferguson MF30 Drill showing transport wheels
  • side veiw of a IH drill behind a IH B-275 tractor
  • Restored Ferguson drill on a custom built transit trailer
  • Massey-Harris drill on iron wheels

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