Showmans living van (part restored) at Tinkers Park - IMG 1514

A Showmans van still used by a travelling show family. Under renovation

A Showman's Living van is the term commonly applied to a form of mobile home used by travelling show operators and their families during the season. These were generally quite large and often had ornate interiors in a wooden framed body panelled in timber or aluminium. with a tarred canvas roof covering and a cast iron stove. Early vans had Iron rimmed wooden cart wheels with later ones fitted with pneumatic tyres as the operators moved to using trucks for haulage after WWII.



A number of vintage fair ground operators still use them, But others now use modern caravans or motorhomes. They are also popular with steam engine and vintage vehicle enthusiasts with a number rescuing examples and restoring them to use at shows and events.

A few examples can also be found in museums in the UK.

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