Staffordshire Steam & Country Show
(Shugborough Hall Steam Rally)
Shrugborough hall ring 08 - P6220160
Aveling & Porter no. 11788 entering the showring with the main block of Shugborough Hall behind.
Promoter  ?
Sponsors (main)
Date held on Late June
Duration (days) 2
Venue Shugborough Hall Country Park
ST18 0BX
Location  ?
County Staffordshire
Country England
NTET Accredited
Attendance numbers
(approximate no.)
Next Event Date 2011
First Event was held in (year)  ?
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No. of years held  ?
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The Shugborough Hall Steam Rally or Staffordshire Steam & Country Show is held in the grounds of the historic Shugborough Hall, a National Trust property near Stafford, that is open as a public park. The Hall was formerly the home of Lord Lichfield the photographer. The grounds also house a Farming Museum. The estate is run by the National Trust & Staffordshire County Council.

2010 eventEdit

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Shugborough Hall Rally/2010

2009 EventEdit

The 2009 Rally was held on the 27 & 28th of June 2009.

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Shugborough Hall Rally/2009

2008 participantsEdit

Shugborough Hall Rally/2008

Steam Engines list
Engine (make & No.) Name Type year built Reg no. Owner Photo Misc info
Aveling & Porter no. 6021 Dougal Steam tractor 1906 D 2608  ? Aveling and Porter tractor sn 6021 Dougal reg D 2608 at Shugborough Hall 08 - P6220130
Aveling & Porter no. 11788 - Steam roller 1927 CJ 9720  ? Aveling & Porter no. 11788 - SR - CJ9720 at Shugborough 08 - P6220156
Burrell no. 3886 Lord Lascelles Showman's road locomotive 1921 XF 8162  ? Burrell showmans engine 3886 Lord Lascelles XF 8162 at Shugborough hall 08 - P6220126
Foden no. 3398 Happy Jack Steam van 1912 M 4489 Calders Family Foden no. 3398 - Happy Jack wagon - M 4489 at Shugbrorough 08 - P6220136
Foden no. 8304 Cheshire Pride Steam wagon 1918 BY 7646  ? Foden 8304 - Cheshire Pride - BY 7646 at Shugbrough 08 - P6220171
Foden no. 12782 Angelina Steam tractor(wagon) 1927 DF 4055  ? Foden no. 12782 ST - Angelina - DF 4055 at Shugborough 08 - P6220169
Foster no. 14622 Sir William Traction Engine 1931 FW 1917  ? Foster no. 14622 TE Sir William - FW 1917 at Shugborough 08 - P6220161
Fowler no. 14862 Evening Star Showman's Engine 1917 DW 2235  ? Fowler Showmans engine 14862 Evenibg Star at Shugborough Hall 08 - P6220123
Marshall no. 57304 Challenger Agricultural Engine 1911 TM 4430  ? Marshalls engine Challenger
Sentinel no. 5558 Maggie May Steam Tractor 1924 PD 1854  ? Sentinel no. 5554 Maggie May - PD 1854 at Shugborough 08 - P6220154
Taskers no. 1424 Hero Steam tractor 1910 AA 2356 Taskers little giant 1424 reg AA 2356 at Shugborough Hall 08 - P6220129

2008 Gallery of other exhibitsEdit

A few of the other exhibits from the 2008 show

Scammell Highwayman MrPlod - 3166 RH living van at Shugbrough 08 - P6220144 BMB President at Shugborough 08 - P6220139
A showmans Scammell Highwayman MrPlod with a Showmans Living Van A restored BMB President market garden tractor
Scammell GXV 657 CK Truck at Shgborough 08 - P6220146
A ex Pickfords Scammell heavy haulage tractor GVX 657+ An unusual American ? CK truck
Foden DF 4055 and BY7646 (front) at Shugborough 08 - P6220172 Foden BY 7646 and DF 4055 rear at Shgborough 08 - P6220167
Foden Tractor DF 4055 and Wagon BY 7646 and from the rear showing the different drive configuration between the two.
Lister Tug at Shugborough 08 - P6220140 Generating set at Shugborough 08 - P6220143
Lister Tug fitted with a Lister LR type engine. used by BR for pulling goods trolleys on Portsmouth Station. A Single cylinder engined generating set mounted on a truck converted to a Drawbar unit for pulling a living van.
Austin Gypsy AOM 53B works fire engine at Shugborough 08 - P6220145 Wolseley CEH 14 and Austin DD 9467 at Shugborough 08 - P6220150
Austin Gipsy works fire truck AOM 53B Wolseley saloon car CEH 14+ and Austin DD 9467+

Past eventsEdit

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