Skoda 30 tractor
Skoda 30 tractor at Barleylands 2011 - IMG 6272
At the Essex Country Show 2011
Model history
Model introduced 1946
Model discontinued Unknown
Model status Unknown Discontinued
No. produced 8,000
Engine Specification
Power hp 30
Power kW 22
Governed rpm 1500
Displacement cu in /(litre) 3116 cc
No. of Cylinders 2
Cooling system Water
Transmission Details
Transmission type Unknown
Drive 2WD
Linkage Category Unknown
Cab Details
Type of Cab Pilzn
Other info
Factories Czechoslovakia
Plow rating Unknown
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The Skoda 30 is a tractor built in the former Czechoslovakia state.

Model historyEdit

Skoda developed the 30 during the 2nd world war. The first piece left the Skoda factory in Pilzn in 1946. The production connected to the pre-war production of tractors in the country. De development and production are marked by the events of that time. Since 1951, the production and assembly of parts moved to STS Libice n. C. where the production ended after 8000 tractors.

The Skoda 30 was equipped with a two-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine with a capacity of 3116 cc. It has 30 hp (22 kW) at 1500 rpm. In its simple and reliable construction, the consumption was 6.8 g KW / h. Starting the engine in cold weather was eased by the possibility of gasoline, using starter handle or electric starter. Circulating pressure lubrication, cooling water circulation pump (sometimes regulated by a thermostat, or adjustable aperture) provided for the operation of the engine. Single-clutch guaranteeing flexible and accurate transmission to the five-speed gearbox. In this setup, the tractor was able to drive speeds up to 19.2 km / h forwards and 5.1 km / h in reverse. The front axle has leaf spring suspension, the rear axle has solid axle shafts

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