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This article is pulled from the "regular" Wikipedia article on John Deere's models.  While it's full of useful information, it is confusing in some places.  It mentions the same model numbers coming out in different years.  It fails to show the progression of the models (this model replaced this model, etc.).  It would work much better in a table format, I believe. 04:05, July 26, 2014 (UTC)Brad

Hi Brad thanks for taking the time to comment,
Yes a table would be better in some ways like the time line navigation boxes on used on some automtive articles on wikipedia and copied to here.
But for that start and end dates are needed and the wikipedia article that this was started from was originally written in a overly wordy way (rather than a list due to misguided wikipedia polices) and out of sequence with only a few wiki links. I originally started to sort out the wikipedia original into a more ordered time/series structure before I copied it here (unfinished) and others have added some of the more recent models to this version. I had hoped a John Deere fan/expert would have contributed there expertise. Unfortunately because it is a long task to form it into a table it has been left for another day as I have tended to add other makes and added photos etc. to broaden the overall coverage of the Wiki.
You are quite welcome to have a go at creating a table version. I would suggest doing it on a new page as a sub page or a draft in your own user space by registering a user name. When it is in a suitable format it can be merge in inplace of the existing rambling list. If you have not created tables befor on wikia fine a existing one and copy it in source mode and then paste in to the new page and save it as is, then re open it and start changing the headings to suit. then save (check with preview first it looks ok) Then start changing the data and adding new lines to expand it one the format is OK.
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