Tangye pinkney patent engine

Tangyes Gas Engine Advert c.1900

Tangyes engine no ? ex Butchers shop at Holcot 08 P8240062

A Tangyes Stationary engine ex a Butcher shop exhibited at Holcot 2008

Tangye & Co. was a British engineering company founded in Birmingham, England in 1856 by Cornishman Richard Tangye and his brothers. The company manufactured lifting machinery, mining equipment and Stationary engines and pumps.

Company historyEdit

add company history here. By the late 1800s the Tanye Brothers Cornwall Works was one of the larges engineering factories in the country

The manufacture of engines stopped after the Second World War.

The company has provided lifting machinery for some of the countries major engineering projects.

The company is till producing hydraulic jacks and lifting equipment today.

Product rangeEdit

Tangye triple expansion steam engine, at Brede WW

The 410 hp Triple expansion engine in the Brede Water Works

Model listingEdit

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  • Tangye Gas engines - used for factories and pumping stations
  • Tangye Type AA - 12 hp
  • Tangye Type V - Tangye type AV, BV, CV in Oil or Petrol versions and Governed for power generation or Hit & miss for belt driving machinery


A number of Tangyes Stationary engines from a few hp to the larger horizontal engines used in pumping stations are in preservation, at various museums including;

A number of private collectors also exhibit restored examples of the smaller engines at Shows and Meets around the UK.

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Working Tangyes engines in the Far East;

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