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TELCO Construction Equipment Company Limited (Telcon)
Founded 1961
Headquarters Bangalore, India
Industry construction machinery

TELCO Construction Equipment Company Limited (Telcon) is a joint venture company between Tata Motors and Hitachi, based in Bangalore, India. It began manufacturing equipment in 1961, and Hitachi joined into the company with financial and technical assistance in 1984.[1]

Telcon is the market leader in the construction equipment industry in India and commands more than 50% market share in India.[citation (source) needed] Equipment is sold under Telcon, TATA and TATA Hitachi brands.

Telcon is a 60:40 joint venture between Tata Motors, India and Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. Ltd, Japan. Telcon is the first Indian manufacturer to have two manufacturing bases; one at Jamshedpur and the other at Dharwad.

Telcon has a wide range of construction equipment: backhoe loaders, hydraulic excavators, wheeled loaders, cranes, road equipment, haulers etc., to cater to a wide spectrum of industry segments like mining, construction, infrastructure and agriculture.

Telcon acquired a 79% stake in Serviplem S.A. based in Spain, which manufactures Truck mounted concrete mixers and Dry bulk tanks for cement, and 60% in COMOPLESA LEBRERO S.A., Spain which manufactures road construction machinery.[2]


Hydraulic ExcavatorsEdit

  • TATA TMX 20
  • TATA Hitachi EX70
  • TATA Hitachi EX110
  • TATA Hitachi EX200i LC
  • TATA Hitachi EX210 LCH - V
  • TATA Hitachi EX350 LCH - V Super
  • TATA Hitachi EX1200
  • TATA Hitachi EX1900
  • TATA Hitachi EX2500
  • TATA Hitachi EX3600
  • TATA Hitachi ZAXIS 50 U-2
  • TATA Hitachi ZAXIS 75
  • TATA Hitachi ZAXIS 110
  • TATA Hitachi ZAXIS 120H
  • TATA Hitachi ZAXIS 210LCH
  • TATA Hitachi ZAXIS 270LC-3
  • TATA Hitachi ZAXIS 370LCH
  • TATA Hitachi ZAXIS 400 LCH-3
  • TATA Hitachi ZAXIS 400 LCH-3
  • TATA Hitachi ZAXIS 650H
  • TATA Hitachi ZAXIS 670 LCH
  • TATA Hitachi ZAXIS 870 LCH


Other EquipmentEdit

  • Hitachi ZW 220 Wheel Loader
  • TATA TG 14 Road Grader
  • TATA Hitachi EH 600 Dump Truck
  • TATA Lebrero VM3 roller
  • TATA Lebrero VTA 90 roller
  • TATA 315 E backhoe
  • TATA 315 V backhoe
  • TATA Multi Utility Loader
  • TATA TWL 3034 Wheel loader
  • TATA TWL 3036 Wheel loader


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