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This Template relates to List of Truck Manufacturers i.e. firms who built Trucks or Commercial vehicles.

To add to the list edit the template by clicking here, and add to the appropriate section in wiki link format "[[''Your entry'']] - " in alphabetical order (abc). Then preview to check it looks OK (click [''show''] to expand the NavBox), then if Ok click "Save".

Note: Any alterations effect every page the template appears in, so if on checking its gone wrong please revert immediately, and ask for help.

Usage Edit

To use copy this {{truck manufacturers}} and paste into the appropriate pages. Generally this would be the page of a firm listed in the template, other pages are ones were a list of engine builders would be added to the ==See also== section.

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Note on CompatabilityEdit

This template is similar to Wikipedia NavBox but due to differences in the Wiki engine used is not 100% the same.

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