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A&R 1913
A&R 1913
Model Details
Manufacturer [[{{{Abendroth & Root}}}]]
Introduced date {{{1912}}}
Discontinued date {{{1915}}}
Preceding model {{{Frontenac}}}
Superseded by {{{super_model}}}
Production locations {{{factory}}}
No built {{{no_built}}}
Model {{{engine_model}}}
Fuel {{{fuel}}}
Power hp/kW {{{power}}}
Cylinders {{{4}}}
Displacement ci / L {{{displacement}}}
Gearbox_make {{{gearbox_make}}}
Gears F - R {{{gears_no}}}
Axle no. {{{axle_no}}}
Drive axle make {{{axle_make}}}
Tires standard/optional {{{tire_size}}}
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