Three Decades of Marshall Tractors is an excellent Book by Peter Anderson Originally published in 1997 by Farming Press and now recently reprinted, Three Decades of Marshall Tractors provides a detailed, in-depth coverage of all the tractors produced by Marshalls of Gainsborough between 1930 and the end of the 1960s under the Field Marshall brand. Includes the Associated companies of Fowler and Track Marshall that built Crawler tractors, as well as the Leyland and Marshall years. The comprehensive text is supported by sectional diagrams, rare archive photographs and images of company publicity material.

A hardback of 222 pages, with approx. 200 b/w & colour images.

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ISBN 0-85236-380-X

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<ref>[[Three Decades of Marshall Tractors]], by Peter Anderson, Published by Farming Press, ISBN 0-85236-380-X</ref>
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