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Industries Villa Maria S.A.
Predecessor Zanello
Successor Zanello Maquinaria
Founded 2002
Founder(s) Luis and Carlos Zanello
Defunct ??
Headquarters Villa Maria, Argentina
Industry agriculture machinery tractor

Trac-Za Zanello tractors were built in Villa Maria, Argentina. The tractors were formerly part of the Zanello tractor line-up which the current company purchased from Zanello. Industries Villa Maria S.A. company was founded in 2002 with the purchase of the Q-Trac series of Zanello tractors, and the tractors were renamed Trac-Za. The company was headed by Luis and Carlos Zanello, both formerly of Zanello, but appears to be defunct. In addition to the 4WD tractors, they also manufactured conventional tractors.

In 2004, Trac-Za showed interest in a joint-venture with the "Concern Tractor Plants" of Russia, which is a partnership of the 10-largest equipment builders in Russia, including: Lipetsk (LTZ), Promtraktor, Vladimir (VTZ), Onega, Moldavian, Ryazansky Combine Plant, and other manufacturers.

In 2010, the brothers Luis and Carlos Zanello emerged as founders and owners of the "new" Zanello Maquinaria company, which advertised as being "100% Zanello". In 2012, this company appears to have become {{Zanello (CMZ)]].

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Trac-Za brochure-2004

Trac-Za 2004 brochure

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