When/if required one will be developed. Page protection is not normally implemented on wikia, unless circumstances force its application to certain pages.

As a niche interest group an major policy should not be required. Any quieries contact my talk page Sysop for Tractor wiki.

Vandalism will be reverted and the users blocked.


This page is mainly linked to from template pages imported to bring some of Wikipedia's and other Media Wiki based sites functionality to Tractor and Construction Plant Wiki. Some of these templates due to there origin were protected from public editing. This function has not been implemented on here and most have had the code call relating to this disabled. So user can edit them, but the high risk still applies proportionately as the templates are used in multiple places and any change effects all instances so care is required. Existing codes has been used rather than spend hours writing custom functions, but it has / can be customized by users.

Links to wikipedia documentationEdit

Links to Wikipeadia explanations have been left in a lot of the documentation, rather than repeat the pages here, in the same way as wikipedia links to the Media wiki pages for some articles. Changes to the code should be noted on the talk page or indicated in the template code to assist editors, please.

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