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A typical application on a smaller tractor for general purpose work with a council.


Same tractor with loader in raised position

Trima loaders are a brand of tractor mounted loader sold to fit on Agricultural Tractors by the use of fixing brackets bolted to the chassis / frame of the tractor. By use of different sets of brackets they can be used on several makes or models of tractor. Trima are a division of the Swedish Alo AB company, who also own the Cameron Gardner loader brand.


Early history unknown.

  • 2000 - Trima was acquired by the competing Swedish firm of Alo-Maskiner. The former owner of Trima received 20% of the shares in Alo-Maskiner.
  • January 2002 Trima's parent company AB Alo-Maskiner changes name to Alo AB.

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Tractor mounted Loaders.

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