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VST Tillers Tractors Ltd
Founded 1965
Founder(s) Shri V.T.Krishnamoorthy
Headquarters Bangalore, India
Industry agriculture machinery tractor
Parent VST Group

VST Tillers Tractors Ltd was established near Bangalore, India in 1965 by Mr. Shri V.T.Krishnamoorthy in association with Mitsubishi Agricultural Machinery of Japan. VST built small engines and tillers under the VST Shakti brand name. Tractor production began in 1984, again with cooperation from Mitsubishi.[1] They have produced tractors and tillers under various names, including Shakti, Mitsubishi-Shakti, Eurotrac-VST, Eurotrac, Euro-Trac, VST and VST-Shakti, and shipped to various parts of the world, including the USA. VST Tillers Tractors is a part of the VST Group. Combines have been built/sold under the Kukje Shakti name, in cooperation with Kukje of South Korea.

In 2009, VST built 3,758 tractors and 19,068 tillers.[2] In 2010, VST began building a tractor for Sonalika International to market outside of India as a Solis branded tractor.

MHI-VST Diesel Engines Private Limited is a joint venture company for building diesel engines.[3]


VST Tillers Tractor Models
Model Year(s) Produced Horsepower Engine Type Misc Notes Photo
Euro-Trac MT180D 18.5 hp (13.8 kW) VST Shakti Euro-Trac MT180D MFWD
Eurotrac 180 18.5 hp (13.8 kW) VST Shakti
Eurotrac VST 180D 18.5 hp (13.8 kW) VST Shakti EuroTrac - VST 180D MFWD (red)
Eurotrac VST 280D
Mitsubishi-Shakti MT180D 18.5 hp (13.8 kW) VST Shakti Mitsubishi-Shakti MT180D MFWD-1998
Shakti MT 180D 18.5 hp (13.8 kW) VST Shakti Shakti MT180D MFWD
VST MT180 OF 2010- 18.5 hp (13.8 kW) VST Shakti VST MT180 OF MFWD2010
VST Mitsubishi Shakti VT224-1D 22 hp (16 kW)
VST-Shakti 130-DI 2010- 13 hp (9.7 kW) VST Shakti VST-Shakti 130 DI2009
VST-Shakti Power Cart
Tractors built for other Companies by VST Tillers
Model Year(s) Produced Horsepower Engine Type Misc Notes Photo
Montana Solis 20 2013- 18.5 hp (13.8 kW) Mitsubishi Montana Solis 20 MFWD (VST) - 2013
Solis 20 2013- 18.5 hp (13.8 kW) Mitsubishi
Solis 20 Rx 2010- 18.5 hp (13.8 kW) Mitsubishi Solis 20 Rx MFWD (VST)-2010
Sonalika International DI-20 Gardentrac 2012- 18.5 hp (13.8 kW) Mitsubishi
Taral 818 2012- 18 hp (13 kW) Mitsubishi Taral 818 MFWD - 2012
Taral VST 818 2013- 18 hp (13 kW) Mitsubishi Taral VST 818 MFWD (VST) - 2013

Kukje Shakti combine harvester Models
Model Year(s) of Production Horsepower Engine Type Misc Notes Photo
Kukje Shakti K4000C combine
Kukje Shakti TC1710L combine 18.5 hp (13.8 kW) Kukje Shakti TC1710L combine-2002


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