Water Cart with CI wheels by --T. Baker Co.-- at woolpit 09 - IMG 1530

A restored T. Baker cart behind a living van at Woolpit Steam 2009

T. Baker & Sons water cart at Klondyke Mill 09 - IMG 7230

A restored cart with pickup pipe and hand pump mounted on Cast Iron wheels

A Water cart was a common sight at one time with a lot of Steam engines travelling with one to extend the working range. They were generally a small 100-200 gallon tank mounted on Wooden Cart wheels and later Cast Iron or steel wheels. A variety of companies built these with most of the engine manufacturers offering them in the optional equipment list for new machines. A few other firms of blacksmiths also built them and in some cases sold them to the OEM firms.



Few examples exist with the original tank as they tended to rust through over time and most have been rebuilt from rusty remains found at the bottom of a yard. A lot being in very poor condition before restoration. They are now a sought after accessory along with living vans to provide a complete steam 'kit' for roading to events.

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