Weatherill Loader 1963

Weatherill Loader with backactor (1963) at Bromyard Show 2008

The firm of Weatherill was founded the late 1940s in North London by the Finance Director a Mr F.E. Weatherill formely of another similar company Chaseside. Their machines were also designed on a Ford Skid unit like many others, but was designed as a hydraulic loader, as opposed to rope operated on the Chaseside. The first model was the H1 prototype, in 1950.

By 1954 F.E. Weatherill Limited the whole name of this company has expanded and larger premises required. They moved to Tewin Road in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire just outside London.

They started using original Ford components and engines but later moved to employ Perkins engines with Brockhouse transmissions, Twindisc or Clarke Transmissions and Leyland engines.

Model RangeEdit

The 1960s weatherhill model range

Details of engines, power, capacity and year of build etc required, to add to this updated list provided by former weatherill company employee.[1]

Whitlock Loader Diesel 4X4

A Weatherill ? Loader 4X4 and a Camill MH610 ADT at work

UK Preserved MachinesEdit

Weatherill with Sherman F9 backhoe

Weatherill Loader fitted with Sherman F9 Backhoe

There are a few preserved, with a number still in use in coal yards around the country. A few still sit in the corner of the yard abandoned. But as sites get cleared and scrap prices rise are disappearing fast.They occasionally come up for sale in Classic Plant & Machinery Magazines for sale section, and other similar publications, or a clearance auctions going for scrap money.

List of Preserved Weatherill machines
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Weatherill ? Loader  ? sn unknown  ? Ford  ? Weatherill Loader 1963 At Bromyard Gala 2008 Fitted with a Sherman backhoe
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