The Welland Steam and Country Rally is held nr Upton on Severn in Worcestershire.



2010 EventEdit

2010 steam enginesEdit

Note:photos from this event to be added. Some entries were not seen - please add a photo if you did see them.

Steam Engines list
Exhibit no. Engine (make & No.) Name Type year built Reg no. Owner Photo Misc info
1 Burrell no. 3950 Progress Showman's road locomotive 1924 MO 2916 John Newton & family, Hungerford 150px]]
2 Burrell no. 3288 Nancy Showman's Engine 1911 TA 1118 D.A. Prout & Sons, Gloucestershire 150px]] Livery of 'Joseph Brewer & Sons Golden Gallopers'
3 Burrell no. 2879 Lord Nelson Showman's road locomotive 1907 NO 698 P. Jonas, Isle of Man 150px]] In the care of N & J Boughey of Much Wenlock
4 Burrell no. 3888 General Gough Showman's road locomotive 1921 NO 2379 N & B Myers and Sons, York 150px]] Once owned by Viv Kirk
5 Burrell no. 2894 Pride of Worcester Showman's Engine 1907 FK 1463 Tony Mayhew 150px]] Built for H Strickland Showman
6 Burrell no. 3489 King George VI Showman's Engine 1913 PB 9624 S. J. Wharton, Oxfordshire 150px]] 1936 - conversion by Garretts
7 Fowler no. 17077 Forest Maiden Showman's Conversion 1927 UW 1331 M & M Brain, Cinderford Gloucester 150px]] Conversion - Ex Tar sprayer roller
8 Foster no. 14153 Admiral Beatty Showman's Engine 1916 BE 7221 - 150px]] 1920 conversion by Fosters for Thurstons Amusements
9 Burrell no. 3890 Majestic Showman's Engine 1921 CR 6645 Saunders Collection 150px]]
10 Burrell no. 4000 Ex Mayor Showman's road locomotive 1925 WT 8606 Saunders Collection 150px]] Built for G.T. Tuby & Sons Showman of Doncaster
11 Burrell Mini Mayor Mini Mayor Showman's Engine 1989 - Saunders Collection 150px]] 1/2 size replica of Ex Mayor
12 Fowler no. 17578 Evening Queen Showman's Conversion 1926 UA 5597 M. Hadfield, Worksop 150px]] Conversion from a DNA roller
13 Burrell no. 3906 Earl Beatty Showman's Engine 1921 CR 5830 R. Coles, Shaftesbury 150px]]
14 Burrell no. 3483 Perseverance the Second Showman's road locomotive 1913 WR 9110 J. Gilby, Yeovil, Somerset 150px]]
15 Burrell no. 3979 Earl Haig Showman's Engine 1924 YA 9138 David Hilditch, Welshpool 150px]] 1934 conversion
16 Fowler no. 18503 Royal Sovereign Showman's Conversion 1931 GO 5298 C. Colledge, Hanley Castle, Worecstershire 150px]] Conversion - ex DNB tar spraying roller
17 Garrett no. 33486 Queen of Great Britain Showman's Tractor 1919 AD 8787 Turner Brothers collection 150px]]
18 Burrell no. 3526 Lightning II Showman's road locomotive 1913 AO 3602 Preston collection 150px]] 3rd Event visited since major restoration
not listed Fowler no. 17585 The Wanderer Showman's Conversion 1929 UA 8178  ? 150px]] Conversion - ex DNA roller
Road locomotives & GP engines
Steam Engines list
Exhibit no. Engine (make & No.) Name Type year built Reg no. Owner Photo Misc info
19 Burrell no. 4093 Dorothy Road Locomotive 1931 DV 9252 B & D Smith, Banbury, Oxfordshire 150px]] Completted by Garretts
20 Burrell no. 3121 Keeling Agricultural Engine 1909 NO 1310 D & J Smith 150px]] Working the Thresher
21 Robey no. 28094 Pride of the Walk Agricultural Engine 1908 AO 8923 The Wallington Family, Chipping Norton 150px]] Spent most of its life in Cumbria
22 Richard Hornsby no. 6557 Maggie Traction Engine 1887 FL 2598 C. Hartwright, Abingdon Oxfordshire 150px]] one of only 3 RH traction engines in UK
23 Foster no. 12394 Old Smokey Traction Engine 1909 BE 7638 J. James, Haverfordwest 150px]]
24 Burrell no. 2417 Old Dutch Traction Engine 1901 AF 4393 I & S Holt, Doncaster 150px]] Built as a convertible
25 Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies no. 15609 Lady Diana Traction Engine 1904 CJ 4220 D. Prout & Family collection, Glocestershire 150px]]
26 Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies no. 27524 Jesse Traction Engine 1918 E 5213 N. Jones, Coleford Gloucestershire 150px]]
Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies no. 26839 - Traction Engine 1915 DCJ 15 J.H. Bathurst, Ledbury 150px]]
28 Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies no. 42032 Velfry Queen Traction Engine 1931 HI 2816 T Hywell Mason, Pembrokeshire 150px]] Ex Irish engine
29 Garrett no. 33827 - Showman's Engine 1920 IW 2731 T. Whitecombe, Swansea 150px]] Ex northern Ireland engine
30 Garrett no. 33278 Princess Mary Steam tractor 1918 DP 4479 B.J. Garman, Shropshire 150px]] Showmans from ~1920 > 1939
31 Marshall no. 57304 Challenger Traction Engine 1911 TM 4430 D. Philips, Shropshire 150px]]
32 Aveling & Porter no. 6021 Dougal Steam tractor 1906 D 2608 D.R. Swain, Whitchurch, Shropshire 150px]] With a restored A&P trailer
33 Foster no. 14622 Sir William Showman's Engine 1931 FW 1917 E.H. Hodgkins, Staffordshire 150px]]
34 Foster no. 14608 Ikanopit Steam tractor 1930 PN 5629 D.J. Harding, Tamworth Staffordshire 150px]] Nor seen ?
35 Garrett no. 23992 Lucy Traction Engine 1902 CF 8478 S.E. Davis & Son collection 150px Not seen ?
36 Clayton & Shuttleworth no. 43200 The Gaffer Traction Engine 1916 BE 8003 C. Griffiths, Tring Hertfordshire 150px]]
37 Fowler no. 15732 Sir Douglas Steam tractor (conversion) 1913 HO 5677 T. Bastick, Orpington Kent 150px]] Conversion in 1950s - Ex Road Roller
38 Marshall no. 15391 Eynsham Hall Traction engine]] 1887 BW 5249 J. Wharton, Oxfordshire 150px]] 4th Generation in the family
39 Garrett no. 34461 Victoria Traction Engine 1902 PM 4795 Ian Houlgrave, Alford Lincolnshire 150px]] Converted to a roller in 19944 and reconverted in 1957 to a tractor
57 (Not listed) Marshall no. 78667 Emily Agricultural Engine (was a Roller) 1925 HO 6360 S.E. Davis & Son collection 150px]]

Steam wagons list
Exhibit no. Engine (make & No.) Name Type year built Reg no. Owner Photo Misc info
40 Foden no. 6216 - Steam wagon 1916 FN 8562 D. W. Brandt, Ledbury, Herefordshire 150px]] In WD livery
41 Foden no. 12770 - Steam wagon 1928 FN 9060 J.H. Bathurst, Eastnor Castle, Ledbury 150px]]

Steam cars list
Exhibit no. Engine (make & No.) Name Type year built Reg no. Owner Photo Misc info
42 Stanley no. 244 - Steam car 1911 SZV 6067 J. Saunders, Walkley Sheffield 150px]] Not seen
43 Stanley no. 19029 - Steam car 1919 SV 8776 D. Brandt, Eastnor 150px]] Not seen
44 Stanley no. ? - Steam car Type 735-B 1918 BS 9618 N. Hollis, Retford, Notts 150px]] Not seen

Steam rollers list
Exhibit no. Engine (make & No.) Name Type year built Reg no. Owner Photo Misc info
Aveling & Porter no. - Steam roller 1911 - - 150px]]
46 Clayton & Shuttleworth no. 48946 Ironside Steam roller 1924 YA 9576 Mark Smith, Bidford on Avon, Warwickshire 150px]]
47 Fowler no. 15902 Jessica Steam roller 1923 KR 8728 J. Wardell & Son, ? 150px]] Roads to all events
48 Fowler no. 9005 Lord Kitchener Steam roller 1911 - C. Colledge collection, Hanley Castle, Worecstershire 150px]]
49 Aveling & Porter no. 11520 Crusader Steam roller 1926 MK 5128 Robert bate, Wolverhampton 150px]]
50 Aveling & Porter no. 11448 Alf Steam roller 1926 NP 7791 K. Hickson, Gloucestershire 150px]]
51 Fowler no. 17585 The Wanderer Steam roller 1929 VA 8178 E. Wright, Co. Durham 150px]]  ?
52 Aveling & Porter no. 11788 Rusty Nuts Steam roller 1927 CJ 9720 R. Pearson, Cheshire 150px]] not seen
not listed Aveling & Porter no. 11467 Viatect Steam roller 1926 CP 4694  ?, Great Malvern Worcestershire 150px]]
Crane engine list
Exhibit no. Engine (make & No.) Name Type year built Reg no. Owner Photo Misc info
53 Fowler no. 17212 Wolverhampton Wanderer Crane Engine 1929 RF 6029 Len Crane collection, Wolerhampton 150px]] Not seen

Ploughing engines list
Exhibit no. Engine (make & No.) Name Type year built Reg no. Owner Photo Misc info
54 Fowler no. 14257 Linkey Ploughing Engines 1916 KE 2494 M & A Jones, Droitwich 150px]]
55 Fowler no. 15278 Arthur Ashmole Ploughing Engines 1919 FA 1301 Graham Thomas, Bristol 150px]]
56 Fowler no. 15279 Neville Ploughing Engines 1919 FA 1302 R. Pocock, Shaftsbury 150px]]

Miniature steamEdit

Guide listed 15 from 6" scale (1/2 full size) down to 3" scale (1/4 full size).

Steam crane Edit

A restored Smith Rodley railway steam crane is used in the Woodyard demonstration area to handle the logs for the sawmill demonstrations. The crane was bought by thr Ross-on-Wye Steam Engine Society in 2005 and restored to steam for the 2006 event.

Working fieldEdit

The event has a large working area on the hillside behind the Woodyard and showground area. A number of farming operations being demonstrated by a wide variety of machinery.

Plant displayEdit

Crane display at welland 2011 - IMG 8965

2010 crane display

Commercial vehiclesEdit

The show guide listed over 200 commercials on display. A number of interesting light and heavy commercial vehicles were present including these;

photos to follow later and a few others trucks besides.


A few of the makes / models included;

Tractor exhibit list
entry no. Make Model no. Reg no. Serial no.
(if known)
year built Owner Photo Misc info
983 County County Super-4 - County no. /  ?  ? 150px
Add any more vehicles in ascending entry number order please
add more entries by copying block below and pasting in between entris Image needed LHB

- Make Model no. Reg no. ? Serial no Year Owner ? Image needed LHB 150px]]

Fair groundEdit

Vintage and classic cars and motorcycles Edit

Please add your photos from the car section here please as we missed them due to the huge number of steam, tractors and commercials on show.

Other attractionsEdit

Past eventsEdit

Add details & photos from past events here - please

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  • 2010 show guide

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