Wrigley Truck (403) at Lincoln 08 - DSC00021

Seen at Lincolnshire Steam and Vintage Rally 2008

Wrigley truck sn 20329 - AEW 192T at Rushden 2010 - IMG 9363

A road register Wrigley truck seen at Rushden Transport Cavalcade 2010

The Wrigley truck was a small 3 wheeled works truck built by Wessex Industries (Poole) Ltd.


The trucks were powered by a single cylinder Villiers or Petter engine driving the front wheel. Steering is by rotating the complete engine and drive wheel assembly.

Other modelsEdit

Wrigley wingfield 007

A recently restored Wrigley Wingfield

Several variations were built


These were used in market gardens and factories for moving products and materials about. Some have being registered for road use.


A number of these have been restored and can be seen at classic machinery rallies around the UK.


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Owners clubEdit

A Wrigley Owners Club exists for these strange machines. - See for Wrigley Owners Club founders contact details.

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