Bamford Wuffler at Newark sale 09 - PA190082

A Bamfords Wuffler in the sale at Newark Vintage Tractor and Heritage Show 2009

The Wuffler was a machine built by Bamfords to turn hay (grass) and 'fluff' it up so that it dried when it had been cut for a time. The fluffing up allowing the air to circulate better and with the doors closed form a narrow windrow for the baler to feed better when picking up the dried hay. It can also spread it over a wider strip by fixing the doors open. The implement is driven by the tractor Power Take Off and has a slated drum with spring tines on tha just reach the floor to lift the grass up from the 'stubble' after it has been cut and throw it up in the air so it is loosely stacked.


The 'wuffler' was built by Bamford, but other manufacturers built hay making machinery to do a similar job of assisting the hay drying.

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