XUU 991T is a restored Leyland Sherpa Van in Pick-up version of which very few were built. So this example is probably almost unique as a preserved vehicle. (if you know of others please add them).

Vehicle history Edit

This is a recent restoration in 2009.

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Events Edit

List of events this vehicle exhibited at:

  • June 2009 - HCVS Leeds Bring your vehicle night at Rothwell (Manhiem auction centre)


Sherpa 230 Pick-up reg XUU 991T restored at Leeds HCVS 09 - IMG 4010

Front 3/4 view of vehicle

Sherpa 230 pick-up reg XUU 991T (front) at leeds HCVs 09 - IMG 4009

Front veiw

Sherpa 230 Pickup reg XUU 991T (lhs) at Leeds HCVS 09 - IMG 4008

The Left side (kerb) 3/4 view

Sherpa 230 pick-up reg XUU 991T at Leeds HCVS 09 - IMG 4011

Rear view showing the almost full width tail gate

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