YAZ 6411
Mack tractor unit YAZ 6411 of SE Davis - P6150210
Parked in the SE Davis & Son Ltd yard
General Details
Make Mack
Model Unknown
Registration no. YAZ 6411
Serial number n/a
Build Year Unknown
In the Collection of SE Davis
Basic spec
Vehicle Type Tractor unit
Body style(s) Cab over
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YAZ 6411 is a Mack tractor unit. This unit is used by the S.E. Davis & Son collection to move items from their collection to Steam fairs and other events.


It was imported into the UK, brand new in 1976. It has a 14 litre, 6 cylinder, turbo charged diesel engine that develops 350hp. Its built to carry loads up to a weight of 150 ton. It has a 16 speed split shift box, with a further 8 deep reduction gears. Both axles have locking differential.

S E Davis and son bought this unit in the late 1990's. It was previously used by a haulier before called Mike Laurance.

The driver is Mark Jones who owns Fowler K7 ploughing engine Linkey. He is the sole driver and has been for the last 5 - 6 years. Linkey is a regular visitor to shows in the Midlands were it can usually be seen in the working area demonstrating the art of steam ploughing.


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